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A Door To Something Greater


Dorothy once said it best, “There’s no place like home.” We may not all be stuck in

a strange land with talking scarecrows or lions, but let’s be honest, haven’t we all felt

this way at some point in our lives? Home is often where we can feel safe and secure.

Moving into an assisted living facility can sometimes feel like entering the land of Oz

just because of different it seems and how much is changing. There is hope however.


Anderson Oaks has once again proven that even an assisted living facility can be

called home. A local artist has volunteered her time and talents to enrich the lives of all

who step foot into the facility. As soon as you walk into the facility, you feel right at

home. You can see that the doors of the main dining room have been painted to

resemble the entry-way into a restaurant. Even the beauty salon entrance has also

been painted to feel as if one is stepping in to visit a famous beautician. This is only the

beginning of introducing a new way of living for our residents.


Doors of residents’ rooms are being transformed from a plain brown door into a

unique work of art.  Anderson Oaks has the goal to paint each resident’s doorway to

feel more at home. One resident describes her door as “beautiful, colorful, and pretty”.

Another resident shared the story behind his door. When Angela (local artist) asked

him what he would like to be included on his door three main themes came to mind.

He describes his door with “the golf club  (leaning on the side of the door) reminds me

of the good old golfing days, the American flag (waving on a post on the right side of

the door) is for my service in the military, and the red roses (crawling up the left side

of the door) are in memory of my wife because red roses were her favorite flower.”

These are just a couple testimonies of how much residents appreciate their

transformed door.


We know that “there’s no place like home”, but we want to get as close as possible.

We want our residents to be proud of coming “home” after a long day of making new

memories and friends. Call us today to schedule a tour to feel the difference. You will

experience that home can also be in an assisted living facility.


These are just some examples of the beautiful doors that have been painted by Angela



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