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The Patriot Pledge Fund

As we continue to grow and build our legacy we are always in tune to our residents and their unique needs. While most have all that they need to live out their days with peace of mind, some residents require financial assistance. Whether it’s a veteran whose fixed income leaves little room for personal hygiene items each month or a resident who cannot afford adequate healthcare, we feel it is our job to recognize each need and ensure it is fulfilled. Some residents also have to skip a lunch outing because of the lack of funds. We would like to be able to help them in this way as well.

A contribution to our Patriot Pledge Fund will be designated to resident needs only. If you would like to see the monies go to be specific resident, all you have to do is let us know. Patriot Pledges will be governed by our nonprofit board of directors and are 100 percent tax deductible.

Chapel/Family Center Building Campaign

In addition to those specific individual needs, Anderson Oaks has plans to complete a building project that will benefit every resident. When this organization was merely a thought, we did not realize a Chapel/Family Center would become a significant aspect of our greater vision. A Chapel/Family Center is what’s missing in the lives of those who dwell at Anderson Oaks. We would like our residents to be able to go to church services, memorials, and family gatherings without leaving the campus. If they desire a place for quiet, religious thought, we want to be able to provide that for them.

We would certainly appreciate any donation, no matter how small, to our Chapel/Family Center. All monies donated to this campaign are 100 percent tax deductible and will help us to build a Chapel/Family Center that will house prayers and fellowship for generations to come.

Patriot Tile

Within the walls of the Chapel/Family Center, we would like to provide a place for anyone in the community to pay tribute or honor their loved ones. For a tax-deductible fee, you can buy a tile in the new facility inscribed with the name of your loved one. It can be for someone you hold dear who is no longer with us, or it can be honoring someone who is living and doing good deeds now. You can visit the memorial at any time as this new center will be open to the public. Additionally, an organization or business can purchase a tile commemorating a particular business. As a 501c3 private, nonprofit, each contribution is 100 percent tax deductible from federal and state taxes. Dependent upon donations, breaking ground will take place in 2017. We could not be more excited about this new building and hope that it will provide a place of solace for our residents while incorporating the community in a special way.

Anderson Oaks Assisted Living

997 Highway 90
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Anderson Oaks Assisted Living
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