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Welcome to Our First Blog Post!

Welcome to the Anderson Oaks website and our first blog post! This is a new beginning for us in so many ways and we are so thankful that you are a part of it. Although Anderson Oaks was started years ago, we have recently experienced so much growth and cannot wait to share all the details with you here and on our Facebook page (which is a good way to see daily news). Be sure to subscribe to this blog and feel free to share it for us through email or social media to help us get the word out.

The first order of business is to bring our brand new website to your attention. We’ve learned that a website, however intuitive and streamlined it seems, takes so much work to get to that point. Website builders are definitely people you want to be friends with as they know how to take your vision and create something unique and somehow just what you wanted. Thanks to our friends at Ellev the website looks wonderful and they are the ones that did all of the heavy lifting without even breaking a sweat!

Anderson Oaks is a place that all of our founders, staff and residents are very proud of. Did you know that you can take a tour and see what it’s all about? You can schedule one today by calling the main office and speaking to Sherri Worley. Whether you know someone who is looking for an assisted living community or if you were so kindly considering making a donation and wanted to see what it would be used for firsthand, we would love to show you around.

As you may or may not know, Anderson Oaks is a nonprofit organization that uses community donations to help reach its goals. In the works is a Chapel/Family Center that will house church services, gatherings, activities, memorials and, most of the time, a well-deserved solace for our residents. If you would like to donate, please refer to our brand new website for a few contribution options. Note that all donations are 100 percent tax deductible.

Much more information and happenings will be shared with you in upcoming blog posts. Stay connected with us, subscribe and share. Know that we truly appreciate you reading, checking out our new website and offering continuous support for our organization. We’ve got so much potential for growth on the horizon and, with your support, we are going to see all of our goals realized.

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Anderson Oaks Assisted Living

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Anderson Oaks Assisted Living
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