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Wings of Love

Do you enjoy the outdoors? When you wake up in the morning, are you excited to be a part of what is going on outside the four walls of your home? Nature and Community should go hand-in-hand.

It all started with my wife. I have never met an individual who loves nature more than her. She showed me what it meant to appreciate each aspect of nature from the smallest insect to a grazing deer. There truly is beauty in all things. One of her favorite hobbies is bird-watching. After adding three different types of bird feeders to our small apartment patio, our flying friends quickly found a new place for great cuisine. Every day my wife greets our flying friends and they bring her such joy. I had never seen this kind of response to nature before. On a couple of occasions,  birds did not show up to our feeders. This gave her much distress and a feeling that “something was missing”.  However, the next day her birds came right back, and she is encouraged. I knew that she could not be the only one who has this unique connection with our flying friends! Photo taken by Kaela Miller


One day at Anderson Oaks, I decided to walk around the facility and count all of the bird feeders that were hanging in the windows. We had about 20 feeders, with only a few with actual feed in them! Some residents did have feeders that were kept up well, but others were empty. I thought about my wife and how she felt when her flying friends did not visit. I could not imagine a senior going through those same emotions. My wife and I decided to create what is known as “Wings of Love”. This is a campaign for Anderson Oaks and other facilities to no longer have empty bird feeders for residents. We donate both feed and feeders to Anderson Oaks to bring just a little bit of joy to residents who miss their flying friends. We have also partnered with Wild Birds Unlimited of Surfside Beach for feed and donated feeders. In just a couple months, over 15 feeders and several bags of feed have been donated. As a community, we hope to spread just a little extra joy to our fellow seniors in the Grand Strand area. We want to remind our community that there is true beauty in nature around us. Photo taken by Anderson Oaks as resident helps fill the feeders.

“Wings of Love” is a campaign for the entire community! Our goal is to provide at least one bird feeder to every senior center, nursing home, and hospice agency in the Grand Strand area. We welcome you to get involved by helping the love of nature be spread to seniors all over our community. For more information please contact Anderson Oaks Assisted Living.

Opportunities to get involved:

  • Sponsor a Feeder
  • Donate Feeder
  • Donate Feed


*Feeders and Feed may be dropped off at Anderson Oaks*

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